Vefeast Next-level Editorial Makeup Techniques: Master the Artistry

Next-level Editorial Makeup Techniques: Master the Artistry

Editorial makeup is not an everyday look. Special makeup is applied for unique events such as runways, advertisements, music videos, movies, and Vogue magazine shoots. It requires bespoke editorial makeup techniques and an experienced eye and hand to pull it off. Today, we assess the essentials of mastering next-level editorial makeup.

Mastering Advanced Editorial Makeup Techniques

Editorial makeup tells a story about a theme or brand. It interprets the thought behind the theme. Makeup artists wishing to excel in this lucrative and powerful niche can consider the following expert tips to stay ahead:

  • Model’s Skin

A makeup artist begins by studying and understanding the model’s skin tone. The artist requires an in-depth knowledge of screening and identifying different skin types and tones. This information will help the artist classify the model’s skin type and choose skin products or cosmetics.  

It also defines the makeup strokes that will bring out the best of the model’s face. Thus, it means that the artists should have a variety of cosmetics for different skin types.

A good makeup technique makes the skin appear fresh and flawless, requiring a lot of practice. 

The skin should look amazing, with no blemishes or imperfections. Savvy artists create this flawless appearance and make it look natural.

  • Face Contouring

Face contouring accentuates the favourable aspects of a model’s facial bone structure, giving the face an enhanced dimension. Contouring involves skills in highlighting and shadowing some areas to correct or improve them. It modifies facial features, such as making a nose appear thinner, or the forehead look smaller or bigger.

  • Hair Styling 

Besides the compelling facial features, hair styling is another focal point that complements editorial makeup. The hair arrangement should enhance the facial structure and skin tone created using custom makeup. 

The makeup artist may not be the hairstylist. Still, the makeup artist should ensure the two aspects of the hair and facial makeup used to create the editorial look blend for a mesmerising effect.

  • Technology

Besides relying on talent and skill, makeup artists now use artificial intelligence to guide them in achieving a custom editorial look on a specific model’s face. Some professionals also edit editorial images after the photo shoot to enhance them.

They also use skin therapy devices to resolve pesky issues such as acne, scars, and dry skin that complicate makeup techniques. 

  • Stay Informed

Editorial makeup runs on trends. The makeup artist should have a platform for researching the prevailing trends and various makeup themes from the past. They should also be aware of trending themes and techniques in the industries where they offer their skills so that they can practice and perfect their skills.

Editorial makeup also uses high-quality cosmetics. The artists should have a finger on the makeup brands’ industry pulse to know the latest and best makeup resources. 

Besides exploiting personal talent and style, an artist should consider joining an industry network. The artists will benefit from the mentorship of colleagues and industry experts and grow professionally from such associations. 

Good editorial makeup artists know the industry’s upcoming trends and hone their skills in preparation. Editorial makeup defines the standards of beauty and sophistication and sets the pace.

Although makeup jobs do not require formal training and certification, it pays to have such when entering the editorial makeup niche. Artists should also attend in-service training to acquire the latest skills and polish their trade. 


A successful editorial makeup artist makes the model look breathtaking with the same impact on print and social media. The artist turns the model into the brand’s selling point. It begins with the artist understanding the message the director, photographer, or client wants to communicate. What follows is the image of the interpretation of that message as captured by the artist in deft, experienced strokes on the model’s face, which is the canvas.

Next-level Editorial Makeup Techniques: Master the Artistry

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