Vefeast How to Identify Legit Assignment Help Services in Malaysia?

How to Identify Legit Assignment Help Services in Malaysia?

The fact that students in Malaysia can now connect to native subject matter experts to get instant solutions to their academic problems has certainly mitigated the cultural pressure to do well academically. It’s almost a relief seeing students approach their assignments with interest instead of apprehensiveness.

Now, there’s certainly no shortage of websites offering assignment help in Malaysia. Whenever you look up such services online, it seems that a new website pops up every two business days. You’d think having hundreds of options to choose from will put you at an advantage. Unfortunately, the more choices you have, the greater the chances of falling victim to unreliable websites.

There are reliable websites like that promise assignment help free of cost by giving you access to hundreds of free sample papers. Meanwhile, there are others that claim to offer free services, only to take hidden charges at the last minute.

So, how do you identify the legitimate websites? Here’s a simple guide that can make your search easier.

1. Check Expert List

There’s nothing that reliable websites that have been offering academic services for years have to hide with regard to their experts. In fact, transparency serves as a key to earning students’ trust. If you can’t even check the details of the experts who are supposed to help you score well, how can you even trust them?

So, before you hire any website, check if you can access their experts’ list. If you can, then make sure you check the following factors –

Assessing Factors Questions to Ask
Educational Qualifications
  • Is the expert a PhD holder?
  • What’s the minimum qualification of experts?


  • Does the expert have 5+ years of experience?
  • Does the expert have experience writing all types of papers?


Student Reviews
  • What are the recurring issues in the reviews?
  • Does the website address these issues?
Sample Solutions
  • Can you check sample papers by the experts?
  • Are the samples free of plagiarism and AI content?

Native Malaysian subject matter experts are quite familiar with the cultural pressure on students to do well academically. They’re also aware of the standards that Malaysian universities expect from assignments. So, their experience and knowledge are crucial for you to reach the academic goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Some websites employ academic experts globally. You’ll find experts native to the USA, Canada, the UK, and even Russia. So, it’s up to you to determine whether you would benefit more from hiring native experts or writers from other countries.

2. Assess Student Reviews

Reviews play a crucial role in building trust. After all, checking out reviews is the only way that you can get the answers to the following questions –

  • What are the major issues faced by others?
  • Does the website address the issues?
  • What are the positive aspects highlighted by others?
  • Do most clients face the same problems?

Most customers check reviews diligently before hiring any service. These academic writing websites know this very well and have found a way to boost their ratings by posting fake reviews. If you want to avoid websites that adopt such questionable practices, keep an eye out for the following –

  • Reviews that are vague
  • Reviews that seem very similar to each other
  • Reviews that have the same writing styles
  • Reviews that have the same grammatical structures
  • Reviews that contain the same spelling mistakes

If you notice these issues, then there’s a high chance they’ve been written by the same person.

Additionally, if a website claims to have millions of reviews, but you don’t notice much engagement on its home page or social media, it’s best if you avoid the service.

Legit websites usually have a strong presence online. Even if they don’t have millions of followers, they will still try to address students’ concerns. You’ll find the customer care team of several reliable websites leaving comments under students’ reviews, thanking them for taking the time to leave their feedback or addressing any problems mentioned.

3. Check the Policies

Read the fine print before you hire any academic writing service!

Legitimate websites that want to offer their services without facing any legal repercussions are bound to provide a detailed explanation of how their services work. Now, most people don’t bother to read the fine print, and services that are intent on fooling students take full advantage of that.

Here’s an account of Jennifer Godson, a 2nd-year Philosophy student who landed up in trouble just because she didn’t read the Terms & Conditions:

“I booked a website to help me with my essay on Kant. The writer promised to deliver the task within a day. However, a week went by, and I didn’t get the submission. I requested a refund, and then the website said they have a No-Refund policy mentioned in their Terms and Conditions.”

Imagine spending your hard-earned money to hire academic services, only to receive nothing in return and not being able to do anything just because you didn’t read the policies.

Don’t let yourself become a victim of such cheap tactics. I understand that reading all the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies will be a hassle for you, especially if you’re in need of urgent assignment help. However, consider it a one-time investment. If you find a reliable service, you won’t have to repeat this process every time you need academic guidance.

Things to look out for –

  • Revision Policies: The experts are human, and they are bound to make mistakes, no matter how minor they may be. Make sure that the website takes responsibility for that and offers free revisions.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Whether you cancel your order or the order gets canceled from the writer’s end, you should be able to get your money back. Make sure the policies clearly state the rules regarding this.

In Conclusion,

An easy way to manage the academic stress on your shoulders is to hire a reliable assignment writing service in Malaysia. However, you should remain careful to avoid hiring services that never deliver quality work. You can follow the suggestions mentioned in this blog and even reach out to your peers for guidance in your search to find the best website that suits your needs. Good luck!

How to Identify Legit Assignment Help Services in Malaysia?

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