Vefeast How Much Padding Should Good Boxing Gloves Have

How Much Padding Should Good Boxing Gloves Have

According to Boxing Science, a large number of players suffer hand and wrist injuries in boxing and other related combat sports because of the exchange of overpowering punches given by both players during the game. You must consider buying boxing gloves with sufficient padding to avoid getting hurt. And why shouldn’t you, as the gear’s primary aim is to protect you from the opponent’s blows, instead of leaving your hand in bandages and waiting for it to recover so you can rejoin the battle?

Why Should You Choose The Right Weight?

Padding is essential to meet the requirements of a boxing glove as it maintains a balance between impact absorption for your opponent, hand protection, and intensity of punching.

Before heading to buy one for yourself, you must look into the padding factor as that gives you the power of selecting the correct boxing glove and saves you from regretting later when you are actually using them during training.

What Is Padding Made Out Of?

You must have felt the padding of the boxing glove, but do you know what the padding is made out of? It is stuffed with several materials like foam, latex, and even horsehair. Yes, you read that right! During the fight, these materials tend to compact and start dividing and distributing the force of the punch. The thickness and density of the padding determine the weight of the glove. The measuring unit for the fighting glove is ounces (oz).

How Much Padding Should Be Considered?

As mentioned above, the padding of a boxing glove is usually measured in ounces. The higher the ounce ratings, the thicker the padding is considered. Let’s have a look at the following stuffing:

6 oz – 8 oz

The ounce ratings give you a hint that these are lightweight boxing gloves and prove to be the best for bag and mitt work, where the main focus is on developing speed, accuracy, and technique. Your punches feel natural when you are using them in your fight or training.

10 oz – 12 oz

For a good balance between protection and punching power, 10 oz-12 oz are the padding of boxing gloves you need. These come in handy when you have to do multiple types of training activities, such as heavy bag workouts, light sparring, and pad work.

14 oz – 16 oz

These boxing gloves make sure that your knuckles and hands remain protected from potential injuries. If you have been searching for gloves that are compatible with heavier sparring training then 14-16oz are your call. The padding minimises the impact of the punches which is a crucial move for both the opponents in this fight.

18 oz

In professional boxing matches or intense sparring sessions, 18 oz padding is used. The extra padding provides maximum protection to the players as the frequency of punches increases.


Choosing the right amount of padding in your boxing gloves is key to a safe and successful training experience. Remember, it’s not just about protecting yourself from your opponent’s blows, but also about protecting your own hands and wrists from the impact of your punches.

How Much Padding Should Good Boxing Gloves Have

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