Vefeast How Disability Support Services in Adelaide Can Help You Live Independently

How Disability Support Services in Adelaide Can Help You Live Independently

In collaboration with SDA housing, disability support services in Adelaide promote independence, choice and dignity for individuals with disabilities, ensuring active participation and peace of mind for both the individuals and their families. Dedicated to creating special living options, these services engage their clients in inclusive celebrations, highlighting the importance of their voices and contributions to the community. 

As part of the National Disability Insurance, the framework for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) was designed and introduced in 2016 to assist with housing specifically for those whose disability makes it challenging for them to live safely in an unmodified home.

The disability support services in Adelaide are determined to help their clients to SDA housing, which is divided into four design categories: Improved Liveability, Robust, Fully Accessible, and High Physical Support. 

Improved Liveability

These residences are constructed for individuals with intellectual, cognitive, and sensory impairments. The properties in this category are designed to aid tenants in navigating the space more easily, featuring elements like luminance contrasts, open rooms and spaces, and tactile pieces on the walls or within the doors.


This highly resilient housing type is designed for individuals who may exhibit behaviours that could potentially put themselves or their support staff at risk. Its purpose is to ensure the ultimate safety of occupants. Robust homes are also built to reduce the likelihood of reactive maintenance.

Fully Accessible

Fully Accessible housing is designed for individuals who regularly use mobility aids such as wheelchairs. These homes include provisions for wheelchair passage throughout the entire living space, as well as access from a seated or standing position to amenities like kitchen and laundry benchtops and appliances.

High Physical Support

High Physical Support housing encompasses the same requirements as the Fully Accessible Design category, with additional features such as structural provisions for ceiling hoists and clear opening width doors to all rooms. Disability support services in Adelaide also ensure that in most residences, there is also smart home technology utilising voice control to assist with room window coverings, TV, and door activation, as well as emergency power solutions to cater for a minimum two-hour power outage.

Trusted disability support services in Adelaide always make sure that the SDA properties they offer are always located close to where utilities, amenities, and community events are. While most of their properties suit individuals, some are even large enough to suit families, couples or friends who want to remain living together in independent settings. 

Along with appropriate housing, registered disability support services in Adelaide are also dedicated to helping with managing NDIS funds, ensuring invoices get paid on time, and the plan budget is always up to date. Their team ensures faster and more convenient communication for all NDIS queries and needs and that there is always enough funding left in the budget to improve the individual’s quality of life, be it assistance with personal activities, transportation, or any kind of therapy or health-related services. By providing their client with more choice and control and submitting and processing NDIS claims, such disability support services in Adelaide take a lot of stress and time off the individual or caretaker. Time that can be spent much more nicely by socialising with friends and family or engaging in community activities.

If you would like to learn more about latest opportunities how to live an independent life with disabilities, we encourage you to reach out to your nearest disability support services in Adelaide to discuss your individual circumstances and how to get assistance for managing your general NDIS funds or apply for SDA housing.

How Disability Support Services in Adelaide Can Help You Live Independently

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