Vefeast Hosting Tips and Ideas for Throwing a 2024

Hosting Tips and Ideas for Throwing a 2024

If you’re hosting an event in 2024 and you want to ensure that it is unique and memorable, then this article is especially for you. Are you planning to prepare cocktails for your guests and wish to serve out-of-the-ordinary drinks that would impress your guests? There are always numerous open bars or pubs around, but getting the best cocktail makers for a specific party may sometimes be quite a daunting task to ensure that your guests have the best of the best experience. From sourcing superb cocktail makers to how to employ them when organising cocktail parties, weddings, birthday celebrations, and any other occasion. When you continue reading, you will learn the approaches of excellent fundamental cocktail services for your great event.

What is a Cocktail Maker?

A cocktail maker also famously referred to as a mixologist or bartender is an expert as above in the preparation of a variety of cocktails on the market. It is not their job only to liquefy beverages and then pour them; Rather, they can concoct flavours, garnishes, and treatments based on their tests of tastes, aesthetics, and attentiveness.

Types of Cocktail Makers

Freelance Mixologists: Self-employed experts and performers that you can employ on a per-event basis.

Bartending Services: Companies with expansive squads of bartenders to serve at group parties.

Venue-Based Bartenders: The bartenders are part of the event venue such as hotel and restaurant facilities.

Why Hire a Cocktail Maker for Your Event?

Enhances Guest Experience

Services such as a dedicated cocktail maker are invaluable, especially when aiming to improve the general experience of the guests. Millennial bartenders create signature mixology, interact with clientele, and give your occasion that little touch of class.

Offers a Variety of Cocktails

A good tumbler is capable of preparing diverse cocktails starting from the regular brand favoured in bars to the more unique brands preferred by certain individuals. They also can make new cocktails that are specific to your party or thinking about the topic of the event.

Ensures Professional Service

Traditional bartenders are well capable of handling enormous pressure operating behind the bar throughout your event.

When Should You Hire a Cocktail Maker?

Types of Events

Weddings: As you plan to make your special day a memorable one, here they come to express a touch more style.

Birthday Parties: To enhance celebration and accomplish drink preference by incorporating personalized cocktails.

Corporate Events: As performed for clientele and colleagues in professional bartending services.

Themed Parties: For cocktails and presentation which complements the icon theme of the night.

Booking Timeline

When it comes to hire a cocktail maker, one should plan for at least three to four months earlier especially if it is to occur during the busy festive season. This is important to achieve so that there is enough time for planning the drink possibilities of the actual event.

How to Hire a Cocktail Maker

Determine Your Needs

Event Size: In addition to this, when making your estimates, you should ensure that you consider the number of guests to be served to get an if the number of guests will be served by one bartender or a number of them.

Menu Preferences: It dictates the models of the cocktails you wish to prepare for your customers.

Special Requirements: There could be specific orders like, in what type of glass is the drink to be served? Are there any specific drinks of a particular kind like cocktails or the non-alcoholic kind?

Research and Shortlist

Online Reviews: This can be done on the web and through applications, on Web sites like Yelp or Google.

Recommendations: Talk to friends, relatives or any person who has used an expert opinion in recommending DJs for events such as weddings.

Portfolio: Explore the examples of the cocktails made by the chosen cocktail maker and the focus areas.

Conduct Interviews

Experience: You can inquire on whether or not they have been to other similar events.

Certifications: For the candidates, make sure that they meet the required standards in terms of certification and licenses.

Availability: Enquire if they will be available on the date of the event.

Request a Tasting Session

Invite them for a cocktail tasting session to be able to try the drinks made by them. This helps evaluate the level of expertise of their performance and determining the most appropriate list of drinks that can be offered to the customers.


Bringing in cocktail shakers is a great way to take a normal event and turn it into something amazing. With proper execution in combination with the recommendations provided in this guide, your event that is to take place in 2024 will be a great success with proper and qualitative cocktail services. Be it a wedding reception, a birthday party a business meeting or other corporate events, the cocktail makers you hire for your party will go down in history and people will be raving about the great party you hosted.

Investing time to study, interview, and hire the best mixologists to work for the event, and stating your requirements on how you want your event to be finalized can help create a cocktail event that is better than you’ve expected. Have a great time preparing your party and here are my wishes for your party to be awesome!

Hosting Tips and Ideas for Throwing a 2024

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