Vefeast Choosing the Right Picking Forklift: Essential Considerations

Choosing the Right Picking Forklift: Essential Considerations

Choosing the right picking forklift is a significant business move, given their substantial cost and long-term utility. Navigating selection can be complex owing to the wide variety of forklift types and use cases. Our goal is to simplify the process, guiding you towards the ideal forklift choice that meets your needs and setting you on the path to a successful partnership with your selection- Ordering and picking a forklift truck made easy. Here are some considerations you need to take to make an informed decision on what forklift to choose;

  • Picking forklift: There are different types of picking forklifts, such as order pickers, reach trucks and pallet jackets. An order picker is used to pick individual items from shelves. Reach trucks are used for manoeuvring through narrow aisles and stacking items high. Operators use pallet jackets for low-level order picking and short-distance hauls.
  • Load capacity: The load capacity of a forklift is a crucial factor in its selection. It’s essential to determine the maximum weight the forklift will need to lift. Equally important is to consider the dimensions of the typical loads you’ll be moving, ensuring they are compatible with the forklift’s forks and platform. This careful consideration will directly impact the forklift’s efficiency and productivity in your operations.
  • Height of your tallest storage rack: Can the forklift reach this height? Ideally, it should also slightly exceed it for efficient picking and offloading. This safety margin allows the operator manoeuvrability and makes picking loads at higher levels easier. Your chosen forklift must also be manoeuvrable within your area of operations. 
  • Electric forklift vs internal combustion forklift: While an electric forklift is silent and produces no emissions, it is also more expensive than an internal combustion forklift. Unfortunately, the expected operational costs of internal combustion forklifts decrease over time compared to the projected increase in the cost of fossil fuels. Nonetheless, developments in EV technology may soon change the cost disparity. Internal combustion forklifts are more suitable for outdoor and heavy-duty applications than their electric counterparts. Unfortunately, it produces toxic emissions such as carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrous oxide (N2O) that are bad for the environment.
  • Integration with technology: The forklift’s integration with technology is a feature that can significantly enhance your warehouse’s overall efficiency and productivity. Some forklifts come with telematics, like diagnostics and GPS, which help track usage, performance, and maintenance schedules. Picking forklifts that work smoothly with your existing warehouse management systems can streamline your operations and boost productivity.
  • Maintenance and repair: See to it that your forklift is from a reputable brand. Get the word on what other users have to say about their experience with their forklift. The sturdier the model, the fewer the repair costs, and you’re not left having to spend a bundle on maintaining it.
  • No sales demonstration is complete without a test drive, and if possible, a hands-on evaluation of the forklift will help settle the matter of which forklift to use in your warehouse. Having your operator at the wheel during a trial period is par for the course and will allow them to assess performance in your specific environment. The operator will also be able to give feedback on how ergonomic and comfortable the forklift is and its usability levels in the designated spaces.

Ultimately, the right picking forklift for you hits several targets: safety, operational needs, productivity and long-term value. A forklift is a significant capital investment, and following this simple guide will help you pick the correct forklift which optimises your warehouse and logistics needs. You can contact the experts for a more refined search and appropriate recommendations. 

Choosing the Right Picking Forklift: Essential Considerations

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