Vefeast A Quick Peek into Different Cat Breeds That Can Live in Cold Weather!

A Quick Peek into Different Cat Breeds That Can Live in Cold Weather!

Cats demonstrate their love and affection for their owners uniquely. Their independent streak makes them slightly more attractive to pet parents. However, some people worry about the impact of cold climate on cats. They wonder if their feline will be safe during chilly months. If you live in an area witnessing snow and other colder conditions, opt for cat breeds, which are genetically suited to temperature drops. Many cats hail from countries that see freezing temperatures. Due to this, they have all the characteristics that help them survive inclement climes. Of course, you need to take extra care of them during such times. Please provide them a warm environment, dry cat food, toys, and other comforts. Keep them indoors when the outdoor climate looks unsafe.

Do you want to learn about these cold winter cats? Here is a list of cold weather cat breeds who are ready for winter snow. Some cats come with thick fur coats that allow them to stay toasty, some have fur that doesn’t allow water and snow to rest on them, and others can be best kept inside during winter chills. Let’s get started then.

  • The cuddly Maine coon

Humans crave affection, often making them adopt pets that cherish the love of their owners. You can look for a highly affectionate cat that enjoys cuddling. You can find that in a Maine coon. This cat breed displays a dog-like character through its ruggedness and solid build. But it is friendly, curious, and enjoys family activities. Maine coons love playing in the water. Thankfully, their water-resistant shaggy coat is brilliant at repelling wetness and snow. That means your job of drying them becomes easy.

  • The adaptable Persian

With their soft, flat face and glossy coats, these cuties can be a treat to watch. They are physically robust. They enjoy being lavished with love and sleeping with their beloved person. You can find Persian cats happy and affectionate. However, these kitties are a bit high maintenance as they require their coat to be brushed every day to avoid matting and tangling issues. It will not be a big deal once you start living with them. Their delightful presence will make you do everything for them wholeheartedly.

  • The sizeable Norwegian forest cat

Belonging to the Vikings era, the Norwegian forest cat can tolerate cold weather easily, thanks to their thick double coat. They are naturally insulated even during chilly conditions. Norwegian forest cats are also called the Wegie. You can bring one of them home for their affectionate, playful, yet independent streak. These kitties are known for their balanced temperament, which is a bonus for any owner. Such traits make them manageable.

  • The intelligent Turkish Angora

Active, playful, and incredibly intelligent, Turkish Angora enjoys mentally stimulating experiences. Give them different toys, and the gorgeous kitty will be busy. It can attract attention to its long, smooth coat, which needs weekly grooming. Since it is sociable, bonding with Turkish Angora feels easy. And the most exciting part is that they can fit into any climate, hot or cold.

  • The laidback Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex is a rare cat breed with wavy fur. It is even distinguished from other Rex breeds for its dense, curly hair, which protects it in cold weather. While laidback, these cats are easygoing and intelligent. They are also loving and friendly. However, their high intelligence makes them lose interest in things quickly. You must keep them amused by providing multiple interactive cat toys.

  • The sweetheart Aphrodite

This cat breed from Cyprus stands out for its large, robust build and friendly nature. The extra dense fur keeps it safe even in freezing temperatures. If you live in a cold place, you can have this big breed kitty to enjoy its loving and gentle nature. These cats are also kid-friendly, making them perfect members in family homes.

  • The heavily-boned Cymric

These are a type of Manx breed with long hair. Their medium, long, and dense double-layered fur reminds you of their origin in Canada. Their heavy bone and stocky build defies their calm and sweet nature. When you get one of them home, you can be surprised by their adaptable, easygoing, and playful nature. They enjoy human company, making them suitable for all types of homes.

  • The mixed-breed Himalayan

These cats are a mix of Siamese and Persian breeds. They are also one of the most beautiful creatures, physically and personality-wise. However, Himalayan cats need daily brushing to keep their coats tangle- and knot-free. You can get a Himalayan kitty for your home if you want a cat that basks in cuddling, petting, and affection. Its pleasant and gentle nature will win over you. Remember, it’s a high-maintenance cat. So, consider this aspect as well.

  • The vocal Balinese

The Siamese cat variety comes with striking physical features. The Balinese can handle cold weather more efficiently thanks to their long hair, unlike the typical Siamese cats. However, they lack undercoats, so they must stay indoors during chilly temperatures. Nevertheless, kids and pets can find their playfulness and friendly disposition attractive. And because these cats make lots of sounds, you must be ready to listen to them.

  • The curvy Scottish fold

Because they have been exposed to chilly winters in their land of origin, the curvy and stocky Scottish fold makes a good choice for anyone living in a colder place. This breed likes human companionship and has little or no demands as such. These teddy-bear-looking cats are huggable due to their sweet and affectionate nature. Their calm energy allows you to hang around with them stress-free.

  • The docile Ragamuffin

You can identify them by their bushy tail and full mane, which keep them reasonably warm in winter. Their serene and easygoing personality makes them docile. A Ragamuffin can be an ideal fit for a busy family home because of its lazy yet intelligent disposition. They like curling up close to their favorite humans on the couch.

  • The medium-sized American wirehair

Their physical traits include hard, dense, and soft coats on a heavy-boned build and heavy muscles. All these qualities make them suitable for colder weather. Whenever you look at an American wirehair, you will notice a sweet and calm expression on its face. They can be engaged with interactive toys. However, they like spending time with humans more. But they are not demanding. If you give them your time, it’s great.

  • The adventurous Bengal

While not the first choice for winter months, these outgoing cats are always ready to do something, regardless of snow or sunshine. Their patterned coats look impressive and are pretty soft. These cats may have wild appearance, but they are lovely by nature. Their curiosity and intelligence also allow you to plan different outdoor expeditions with them, such as hiking. However, it’s good to train these fearless felines for their safety.

  • The rare Havana brown

Your first thought might be that this cat breed is from Cuba. It hails from England. These are primarily indoor cats that love being around human friends. They are social and friendly, and drawing their attention to anything in the house is easy. You will love their affection, intelligence, and playful nature a lot.

  • The muscular Burmilla

This crossbreed of the Burmese and the chinchilla Persian cats comes with a soft and smooth double coat and stocky physicality. These cats are attention-seeking but very affectionate. The good thing is they have not inherited the vocal traits of the Burmese cats. Instead, they are quiet like the Persians. What is identical between a Burmilla and a Burmese cat is the curious and playful side. Nevertheless, these cats are social and love having some time to themselves. A busy pet parent can pick one of them, especially for this specific trait, if nothing else.

  • The fun-loving Munchkin

This distinctive-looking cat breed is known for its shorter legs and big personality traits. In terms of their low height, they resemble sausage or dachshund dogs. Their legs are nearly three inches smaller than those of an average-size feline. Due to this, you cannot expect them to jump. It’s also the reason to keep them indoors. Don’t worry. Their affection, energy, and fun make them a perfect addition to any home.

  • The gold-hearted American bobtail

A substantial body and short tail make this cat look wild, but it is a domesticated cat with a golden heart. Its love for humans makes her follow them everywhere. They feel happy doing this. Since it is bright, the American bobtail needs mental stimulation through toys. Show them new tricks or puzzles – they will enjoy it all. You can get a bobtail with short or long hair, varying from dense to shaggy. No matter the choice, her coat is her protection from the cold.

  • The pom-pom-tailed Kurilian bobtail

Whether you have dogs, cats, or kids at home, these playful kitties can be made part of your household tension-free. They like to relax and have an easygoing disposition. Because these cats belong to the Kuril Islands found between Japan and Siberia, they are pros at handling cold temperatures. You can find their delicate pom-pom tails fascinating.

If you notice, most of these cat breeds are large, hairy, and muscular. These physical traits make them survive in colder climates.

A Quick Peek into Different Cat Breeds That Can Live in Cold Weather!

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