Vefeast Where to Find Guns in Free Fire: A Complete Guide

Where to Find Guns in Free Fire: A Complete Guide

In Garena Free Fire, having the right weapons can significantly enhance your chances of survival and victory. Knowing where to find the best guns and equipment is crucial, especially in the initial stages of a match. This guide will provide you with comprehensive information on where to find guns in Free Fire, ensuring you are well-equipped from the moment you land. Join ff advance server by visiting 

1. Hot Drop Locations

What Are Hot Drop Locations?

Hot drop locations are areas on the map known for having high-quality loot, including a wide variety of guns and equipment. These areas are often contested by many players, making them risky but rewarding.

Top Hot Drop Locations

  • Peak: Centrally located with abundant buildings, Peak is one of the most popular and contested areas.
  • Bimasakti Strip: Known for its dense urban layout, Bimasakti Strip offers plenty of loot but also a high chance of encountering enemies.
  • Pochinok: This area has numerous buildings and warehouses filled with weapons and gear.
  • Clock Tower: A favorite landing spot for many players due to its rich loot and strategic position.
  • Factory: Offers good loot with fewer buildings, but players need to be cautious of snipers and ambushes.

2. Low-Risk, High-Reward Locations

What Are Low-Risk, High-Reward Locations?

These are areas where the loot is decent, and the risk of early combat is lower compared to hot drop locations. These spots are ideal for beginners or players who prefer a safer start.

Top Low-Risk Locations

  • Riverside: Located on the outskirts of the map, Riverside provides good loot with less competition.
  • Mars Electric: This area is relatively isolated but has several buildings that offer a variety of weapons and equipment.
  • Cape Town: A smaller town with a moderate amount of loot, Cape Town is often less contested.
  • Katulistiwa: Located in the northern part of the map, this area offers decent loot with fewer players landing here.
  • Sentosa: An island separated from the main map, Sentosa has good loot and fewer players, making it a safer option.

3. High-Loot Buildings and Structures

What Are High-Loot Buildings?

Certain types of buildings and structures in Free Fire consistently offer better loot, including guns and high-level equipment.

Types of High-Loot Buildings

  • Warehouses: Large open buildings that often contain multiple weapons and gear.
  • Blue Buildings: Notable for having high-quality loot, these buildings are easily recognizable by their color.
  • Watchtowers: While they might not have a large quantity of loot, watchtowers often contain valuable items like snipers or scopes.
  • Garages: Often contain vehicles and good loot, garages can be a strategic location to loot and then move quickly.

4. Supply Drops and Airdrops

What Are Supply Drops?

Supply drops are crates dropped from planes during the match, containing high-level weapons, armor, and medical supplies. They are marked on the map and can be seen falling from the sky with a blue smoke indicator.

How to Utilize Supply Drops

  • Monitor the Map: Keep an eye on the map for incoming supply drops.
  • Move Quickly: Reach the drop as soon as possible to secure the loot before other players.
  • Stay Alert: Be cautious as supply drops attract other players looking for high-level loot.

5. In-Game Strategies for Finding Guns

Early Game Strategy

  • Land Quickly: Aim to land in an area with multiple buildings to increase your chances of finding weapons quickly.
  • Prioritize Weapons: Immediately search for guns upon landing, focusing on getting at least one primary weapon and a secondary weapon.

Mid-Game Strategy

  • Rotate to High-Loot Areas: Once you have basic gear, move to known high-loot areas to upgrade your weapons and equipment.
  • Avoid Hot Zones: If you’re not well-equipped, avoid highly contested areas and focus on looting less risky locations.

Late Game Strategy

  • Secure Safe Zones: Move to the center of the safe zone and find buildings to loot and secure.
  • Watch for Airdrops: Keep an eye on incoming airdrops for high-level gear to gain an advantage in the final stages.


Knowing where to find guns in Free Fire is essential for a successful match. By understanding the different types of loot locations, such as hot drop areas, low-risk zones, high-loot buildings, and supply drops, you can strategically plan your movements and maximize your chances of finding the best weapons and equipment. Whether you prefer a high-risk, high-reward approach or a safer looting strategy, this guide provides you with the knowledge to thrive in Free Fire. Happy looting and good luck on the battlefield!

Where to Find Guns in Free Fire: A Complete Guide

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