Vefeast Effective Strategies for Real Estate Digital Marketing

Effective Strategies for Real Estate Digital Marketing

With the advent of the internet, came to life a variety of different strategies for getting your business out there. The real estate industry has taken into its stride many of these different strategies to create compelling brands for themselves in order to attract customers and clients from all over.

People often assume real estate social media marketing to be the only form of digital marketing, however, alongside social media are other ways in which you can propel your real estate business to the top. 

Digital Marketing in Real Estate

With all the ways of upping your digital media game, it is wise to be in the know so that you can implement them for your own real estate digital marketing campaign. 

Social Media Marketing

Let’s get the obvious one out first; real estate social media marketing is definitely a great means of growing your business. 

It gets word of your company out there to the public, alongside helping create a brand image for it. Creating posts that are not only informational, but allow for your potential clients to reach out to you and create interaction with each other – it is a genuine way to build connections, and trust with people. 

SEO for Real Estate

SEO for real estate agents involves a long process of building up your online domain in order for people to find you and be able to see all the services you offer. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and the overall goal is to ensure that your business’ website stands out from the rest and reaches a high rank online. One of the most important steps to do this properly is by filling out your business name, business address and phone number throughout your website and making sure they are all the same and that there are no inconsistencies. 

While this may seem like an obvious thing to say, you would be surprised how many errors can come up when trying to fill in the NAP information for businesses online. 

Content on Website

While it is technically a part of SEO for real estate, it is still very important and deserves its own mention. Writing out content and filling in pages of blogs and articles for your website is very important. 

Firstly, it helps build up confidence and reliability towards your business from people who happen to find your website thinking that you know what you are talking about. Blogs also have a key component of being filled with keywords, so that Google or any other search engine recognizes what your content is about, and understands the niche you operate in. 

Doing this will allow for your website to rank for the real estate niche, and keyword hunting for real estate is a key aspect of it, and should be done thoroughly. 

Google Business Profile and Google Ads

A Google business profile is key for your business, as it creates an authentic profile for your business on Google itself. It allows Google to recognize your business as legitimate and will require your information. This process also allows you to start utilizing Google ads for your website.

Once you have started Google ads, if people search for content that is available on your website, Google will promote your content so that people can notice it further. The same can be done for social media such as Facebook and Instagram through their portals. 

Mobile Optimization

Cell phones, laptops and tablets are now very popular in everyday life, to the point where everyone has one. Thus, it is absolutely essential that your real estate website is optimized for mobile devices. 

Whether you are using WordPress or Elementor, make sure to have someone create your website properly so that all the information can be viewed properly and aesthetically so that your business comes off professional even on mobile devices. 

Marketing Automation

A lot of real estate marketing falls within the realms of reaching out to people and ensuring you get their attention for the services you can provide them. You spend a lot trying to get lists of people who you know could be helped with your services, but the old methods just do not cut it anymore. 

What can help you get to them is by utilizing different softwares in order to get to them – such as marketing automation softwares, that creates and sends out email and SMS follow-ups for you. This reduces all the hours you would have to put in creating them and sending them out individually. 

There are all-inclusive softwares available as well, such as CRMs for real estate agents, which come with marketing automation in-built, alongside other tools that not only optimize but highly increase the efficiency for various aspects of real estate marketing.


There are various ways to get your real estate business to the forefront of everyone’s minds, but it is on you to learn about them and implement them in your daily practices. Using social media and the search engines to advertise and create content to get noticed will help in your lead generation process by a staggering amount, after which the real estate practices you lead with, will help close the deals. 

Effective Strategies for Real Estate Digital Marketing

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